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Founded in 2004, SortPrice.com has quickly become an emerging and respected leader in the e-commerce industry, garnering accolades for both breakthrough technological innovations and a commitment to providing a comprehensive online shopping platform for both shoppers and retailers alike.

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One of the most popular price comparison websites on the web, SortPrice.com is used by millions of people every month and is loaded with features designed to help shoppers save time and money. Merchants who list with SortPrice enjoy an industry exclusive unlimited clicks on all of their product listings for one monthly price, thus eliminating the threat of click fraud that can severely damage even the most well-established retailer's online advertising budget.

Social Commerce

As e-commerce has expanded into the world of social media, SortPrice.com has led the way. SortPrice was the first to offer retailers a way to sell products directly on their Facebook fan pages when it launched the Facebook store application in 2008. Since then, SortPrice has developed custom Facebook stores for more than 2000 national retailers, making it the largest social commerce platform on Facebook. In addition to building stores, SortPrice offers a wide range of engagement tools that allows retailers to tap into Facebook's vast audience, establish a social shopping community, and convert fans into customers.

Featured in the New York Times, the Associated Press, Internet Retailer, CNN and more, SortPrice prides itself on providing its retail partners with the outstanding customer service and technical support necessary to help them flourish online.

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