Add your products to SortPrice

The SortPrice shopping search engine may accept other data feeds in different formats. If you are currently using a data feed on any other search engine or a price comparison website, we may accept the feed as long as it has our required fields. To find out if your feed is compatible e-mail us at support [at]


A simple way to create and edit the CSV file is by using Microsoft Excel software (tm).

Step 1: Download an empty CSV file

To download an empty CSV file that's ready to enter products into click here.


Step 2: Start Building Your CSV File

This is an example of how the layout should appear when creating the product file

The first line of the file must be a header line that indicates what fields are present in the file and the order in which they follow.

The only valid field you may use commas is in the description field of the product.

When using a CSV format it becomes extremely sensitive to commas. To avoid loss of products during our harvest you may do the following: Save the data feed in a .txt (Tab delimited) format where commas will not effect your structure. If you must use commas in your description field and can't save it as a .txt file, then you may simply put the description in quotation marks.

*If you follow step 1 and download the file from our website, these fields will be completed for you automatically. Now all you have to do you is just enter your product information.

Name: Below the column called Name you would put the product names of the products you would like to list with SortPrice.

Manufacturer: Below the column called Manufacturer you would put the manufacturer names of the products you want to list with SortPrice.

Category: Below the column called Category you would put the category name of the products you would like to list with SortPrice.

Make sure in the "Category Field" you put the most specific category on your website the product belongs to. For example if the product is in the "Boots" category make sure you specify if it's for men or women. Categories trees are recommended (Example: Women's Footwear > Boots )

(Example: If you're a company selling baby car seats, you would have to put it in the category called Car Seats.) Please be as specific as possible

Baby & Kids -> Baby Travel Gear -> Car Seats

* Note: We recommend to use the full path of the category tree on your site (i.e. "Baby & Kids -> Baby Travel Gear -> Car Seats")

Price: Below the column called Price you would put the price of the product you would like to list with SortPrice.

URL: Below the column called URL you would put the URL for the product you would like to list with SortPrice.

Image_URL: Below the column called Image_URL you would put the image_URL for the product you would like to list with SortPrice.

Any other formats will not be accepted in our product feed.

Description: Below the column called Description you would put the description of the products you would like to list with SortPrice.

If you must use commas in your description field, then you may simply put the description in quotation marks or save the data feed as .txt file

Our fetcher operates automatically on a daily basis. We usually fetch our merchants' product data feeds from their data feed locations between 3:00 AM -5:00 AM Eastern time.

As soon as the product file is created and finished you will have to upload the product data feed to a location on your server.

(Example) If Merchant wanted to list products on our website and has created a CSV file they would upload it to a place on their server. We do offer FTP accounts, if you would like to upload the data feed to our servers. (this is an example location only), subfolders can be used to contain Product files.

This URL must be given to SortPrice so we will know where to pick up the product file on our daily harvest.

Any product changes you make on your website that may contradict the products you list on your data feed, must be updated. If you are changing the price on your website to one of the products, you must make the change to the product data feed. At SortPrice we strive to meet the highest level of accuracy when representing products and merchants on our site. If a merchant consistently refuses to update their published prices, they will be removed from the SortPrice database.

Note: Make sure when saving your CSV file or .TXT file, save it as the name of your store.

It should look like Storename.csv or Storename.txt

Step 3: Notify our support team.

Once you have completed your file and want us to review it to make sure it's ready to go live please e-mail the data feed URL to and include your store name and phone number.

For any questions regarding creating the SortPrice product data feed, please e-mail us at