A sampling of some of our media hits over the past few years, with quotes on everything from click fraud to general consumer trends:

Traffic spikes at Sortprice.com during the holiday shopping season
Sortprice.com experienced an 18% boost in traffic from Nov. 28 through Dec. 24 compared to the previous year, with visitors conducting 1,103,968 searches on the shopping search engine.
InternetRetailer.com, Jan, 2009
Unsettled '09 magnifies need to do more with less
If you're interested in doing more with less, which I think we're all going to have to do, here are some suggestions that might help everyone cope in 2009:
Daily News Journal (Mufressboro TN), Jan, 2009
Sortprice Launches Shopping App for Facebook
Shopping search-engine Sortprice.com announced the launch of a new gift-registry application, The Wishlist, on the Facebook Platform. Users can browse and compare prices on millions of products on Sortprice and then post their favorites to their individua
AuctionBytes.com, Sept. 2008
Sortprice Service for Facebook
Sortprice.com this week announced the launch of its new application, The Wishlist, on the Facebook Platform.
Ecommerce-Guide.com, Sept. 2008
Online Shopping Portals for Small Businesses
An online shopping portal is a great tool for driving quality traffic to an online store. Here are three reasons why online shopping portals work well for small businesses.
Bizcovering.com, Jul. 2008
Listing at Shopping Sites to Spur Sales
Listing your products at comparison shopping engines (CSEs) is an affordable way to market your inventory, and with hundreds to choose from, it makes sense to select a few and experiment to see what best fits your e-business.
Ecommerce-Guide.com, Jul. 2008
10 Techie Gifts for Your Valentine
Buying flowers and chocolate for Valentine's Day is so, well, conventional. Why not give a gift that lasts, like a stylish portable hard drive or a combo jewelry box/gadget charging station.
Pcmagazine.com, Feb. 2008
Sortprice Offers 10 Commandments
With Cyber Monday approaching and online shopping expected to be popular again this holiday season, Sortprice.com is committed to enhancing the online shopping experience for everyone.
DarkReading.com, Dec. 2008
10 Commandments of Cyber Monday
It’s Cyber Monday and and careerbuilder.com estimates about 43% of americans will shop at work. But whether you’re at work or at home, http://www.sortprice.com has put together the 10 Commandments of online shopping so your experience is safe and se
WCBD TV (Charleston SC), Dec. 2008
Local merchants learning to join Cyber Monday instead of fight it
And if you find yourself online shopping, follow some of these tips from sortprice.com
KTRE TV (Lufkin TX), Dec. 2008
Big-Ticket Items Dominate Consumer Wish-Lists
Canon digital cameras and Nintendo Wiis topped the list of the ten most searched-for products on Sortprice.com shopping engine
AuctionBytes.com, Dec. 2008
E-Commerce: Hot Products, Online Marketing Trends
The shopping comparison site SortPrice.com is already getting lots of holiday customers, and while you'd expect that the Wii and Apple iPod Touch are hot products this year, some other contenders may surprise you.
Ecommerce-Guide.com, Nov. 2008
Black Friday Tips
In these tense economic times, most of us are trying to save as many pennies as possible. It's Christmastime, nevertheless, and that means shelling out money for gifts. Want to keep some of that cash from leaving your wallet?
WKRG TV (Pensacola FL), Nov. 2008
10 Commandments for Safe Online Shopping
Cyber Monday and online shopping is expected to be popular again this holiday season one online company, Sortprice.com, wants to enhance the experience for everyone.
WFMY News (North Carolina), Nov. 2008
Sortprice.com: Batman Most Popular Halloween Costume
Sortprice.com says it's fielding orders from thousands of people. According to their estimates, the average American will spend between $40-50 on Halloween this year
WREX TV, Oct. 2008
Wisconsin Kids Favor Costumes Based on Movies
Expect to see plenty of Batmans, Transformers and Hannah Montanas when you’re handing out candy this Halloween.
Racine (WI) Journal Times, Oct. 2008
McCain Masks Gaining Popularity with Wi. Adults
John McCain is catching up to Barack Obama in Wisconsin by at least one measure – Halloween masks.
Chicago Tribune, Oct. 2008
More Cheap Halloween Deals
Here's our short list of tips for cheap and easy Halloween costumes for both kids and adults
Baltimore Sun, Oct. 2008
Starting a Shopping Search Engine
Competing against big players in the competitive world of online shopping might sound like a daunting task, but the entrepreneurs at Sortprice are doing just fine.
Gaebler.com, Oct. 2008
Sortprice Rolls Out New Merchant Application for Facebook Platform
Continuing its innovative and creative efforts to give online retailers the best possible exposure for their products, Sortprice.com has unveiled a new application on Facebook Platform that allows its merchants to expand their sales reach to the popular w
InternetRetailer.com, Oct. 2008
Your Private Cash Machine
Remember when driving from mall to mall or studying sales circulars was the only way to compare prices on everyday items such as clothes, linens, or kitchenware? Now online comparison-shopping sites...
AARP Magazine, May, 2007
Sortprice.com - Search products and compare prices
Sortprice is one of the greatest shopping search engines on the internet...
KillerStartups.com, May, 2007
On the edge - Discount in the bag
Looking for a little inspiration on the most popular presents to give this holiday season? Check out the top holiday gift searches from this week from Sortprice.com, a comparison prices search engine...
Albany Times Union, Dec, 2007
Shopping Search Engine Providing Online Safety Tips
Sortprice - a price comparison search engine - is doing its part this holiday season with a guide to safely purchasing online without falling victim to identity theft...
Search Engine Watch, Dec, 2007
NeedPlumbingSupplies.com stops the profit leak with flat-price listings
prefers the pricing model of Sortprice.com, which charges a flat monthly fee...
Internet Retailer, December, 2007
Very last minute, oddball gifts
Time is running out for last-minute shoppers. Coming up with some unique gift ideas is getting pretty tough. What to do? Well, the imaginative folks at Sortprice.com, which is a comparison shopping engine, put together a last-minute list...
WalletPop, December, 2007
Sortprice.com Promotes Safe Shopping Online
Sortprice.com, a leading price comparison search engine, builds on its year-round efforts to promote safe shopping practices by today launching a street campaign across New York City in time for the last push of holiday shopping...
TMCnet, Dec, 2007
Mercent Serves One Billion Targeted Retail Product Ads Through the Mercent Shopping Network
To mark the occasion, Mercent released information about the billionth ad...
Reuters, Dec, 2007
Top Holiday Product Searches on SortPrice.com
SortPrice.com, a shopping search engine that compares product prices from thousands of online retailers, released its list of 2007 Holiday Shopping Trends. So what's everyone searching the Web for this holiday?...
gearlog.com, November, 2007
SortPrice and the Beauty of Flat Rate Pricing
SortPrice is one of the few, if not the only, shopping comparison engine that offers a flat rate structure. That is, a merchant can pay a flat monthly rate and get unlimited referral clicks during that time. This is great...
channeldollars.com, September, 2007
Sortprice Transforms Holiday Shopping While Transformers Return as Hot Holiday Gift
Leading search engine to compare prices names top holiday searches for 2007 gift giving season...
Yahoo Finance, November, 2007
eBay Fee Cuts, Google Updates, Hot Halloween Costumes
Adults are taking over Halloween, and clamoring for costumes that are more sexy than scary, according to Sortprice.com, a price-comparison search engine...
ecommerce-guide.com, October, 2007
Get Listed for Free
Sortprice.com — a search engine that lets shoppers sort results by lowest price, brand or within a price range — is designed to combine price comparison with social networking. Consumers can share their shopping rosters with friends with a "shop, drag
ecommerce-guide.com, October, 2007
Best Site for Windows Powered Pocket PCs, Handheld PCs,and Smartphones
Mobile Best Sites - sites optimized for small screens...
Pocket PC magazine, May, 2006
A Head Above the Clickfraud Tide
Comparison shopping search engine Sortprice.com took a different approach to combating click fraud: It ditched the model. Last month it announced a flat-rate model for advertisers...
Internetnews.com, Apr, 2006
ON THE WEB: Click-fraud crackdown
Courier-Post, March, 2006
Sortprice.com curbs click fraud
wnduextra.com, March, 2006
Sortprice.com curbs click fraud
Comparison shopping search engine Sortprice.com has announced a unique method of restricting click fraud. Sortprice.com is the first shopping search engine to provide internet retailers with...
Internet Retailer, March, 2006
The price of love
You know it's coming, and you know there's no escape. Valentine's Day arrives in 10 days and, of course, you have no idea what your true love wants. Fear not. Sortprice.com is here to help...
The Dallas Morning news, Feb, 2006
Ho, Ho, Ho - Holiday Shopping Search Skyrockets
SortPrice.com, a shopping engine we covered earlier this year, notes these products as their most popular search terms...
Search Engine Watch, Dec, 2006
The Top Holiday Searches At Sortprice.com
Are "skinny jeans" or "women's ankle boots" on your holiday shopping list this year? If so, you might be a user of Sortprice.com...
Webpronews.com, Dec, 2006
Retailers foresee pickup in shopping after slow start
Sortprice.com, a price comparison Web site, reported that a Canon digital camera, the Apple iPod Nano and the Microsoft Zune digital player were the top three searches so far this year...
Milwaukee Sentinel, Dec, 2006
Searching, searching, searching
Orlando Sentinel, Dec, 2006
'Tis the season for American excess
'Tis the season to savor the digital joys of Cyber Monday, the logical Internet-age holiday tradition in the making after the excesses of Black Friday...
Portsmouth Herald News, Dec, 2006
A side for every story
Albany Times Union, Dec, 2006
Stores happy to see last-minute shoppers
But this afternoon likely is the last chance for a consumer to order an item online and have it shipped to its destination by Christmas Day...
Roanoke Times, Dec, 2006
Last-minute shoppers can catch the bargains
Some more tips from the veteran last-minute shopper...
The State, Dec, 2006
U.S. online sales projected to top $210 billion in 2006, according to study
"More and more people are getting comfortable shopping online," said...
TMCnet, Dec, 2006
Buy on the Web and Let the Gifts Come to You
You can always unsubscribe from their lists after the holidays...
The Washington Post, Nov, 2006
Don't want to wait in line? Look no further than online
Price-comparison search engines such as SortPrice.com can help you stay within your budget.
The Reading Eagle, Nov, 2006
How you can get one
The State, Nov, 2006
Black Friday' loses holiday shopping status
Sun-Times News, Nov, 2006
For Web sites, a reason to give thanks
New sites designed specifically for price shoppers, such as...
Black Friday shopping for the brave, determined
Chicago Daily Herald, Nov, 2006
Web retailers brace for 'Cyber Monday'
Gary Post Tribune, Nov, 2006
Tired of brick and mortar? Net shopping could be the answer
There are several Web sites, like SortPrice.com, that do some of the comparison shopping for you...
Las Cruces Sun-News, Nov, 2006
More consumers are buying Halloween costumes online
Afraid of the long lines in costume stores, more consumers are buying costumes online and this Halloween's most popular costumes are inspired by Hollywood movies, says shopping search engine SortPrice.com...
DM News, Oct, 2006
Shopping briefs
The Tennessean, Oct, 2006
How to save money and time at outlet malls
can provide a range of prices and the best deals for a given item...
The Miami Herald, Jan, 2006
SortPrice is a speedy, easy-to-use site that points you to low prices on clothing, electronics, office equipment, toys, and computer hardware. The site provides images of most merchandise, helping you find the right product at a glance...
Computer Shopper, Jun, 2005
Sortprice.com's Shop, Drag & Drop
Sortprice.com has announced the launch of its latest shopping list feature "Shop, Drag & Drop."...
iMedia connection, May, 2005
SortPrice Gets Drag-And-Drop Shopping Feature
The SortPrice shopping search engine has added a neat drag-and-drop shopping feature to its service. Do a search, then you can drag images of products you are interested in and drop them into the left-hand side of your screen, to build up an interest list
Search Engine Watch, May, 2005
Generating Word-Of-Mouth Advertising
Internetweek, Dec, 2005
Rockin. around the wish list
Sortprice.com, a shopping search engine, has developed a new feature designed to help shoppers find gifts and compare prices without worry or hassle. It’s the last-minute shopper’s dream...
Boston Herald, Dec, 2005
Sree's Thoughts on Online Shopping (The Tech Guru)
COMPARISON SHOP: I use the following sites to comparison shop...
New York - WABC, Dec, 2005
Hot Sites & Cool TV Shows
Create a virtual shopping list or wish list while searching for holiday gifts using this comparison-shopping engine and its "Shop, Drag & Drop'" feature.
USA Today, Dec, 2005
ON THE WEB: Sites assist online shoppers
Or, give Santa a customized list of exactly what you want by going to http://www.sortprice.com/. Create a virtual wish list using this comparison-shopping engine and its "Shop, Drag & Drop" feature.
Courier-Post, Dec, 2005
Here's what's hot this gift season
Digital cameras are hot. That's the word from http://www.sortprice.com...
The Miami Herald, Dec, 2005
Cyber Monday Is The New Black Friday
You can compare prices without having to drive around town going from store to store. Sites like SortPrice..
(CBS) NEW YORK, Nov, 2005
Sortprice.com launches new "Home and Garden" category
Wall Street based shopping search engine Sortprice.com announces today the launch of their new "Home and Garden" category...
Internet Retailer, November, 2005
Sree's Top Three Sites New Online Shopping Tools
sort through prices of millions of products in thousands of stores...
New York - WABC, Dec, 2004
Sortprice Shopping Search Engine Includes 1000 Merchants
SortPrice.com stands out from its competition due to its flexibility with merchant data feeds...
Search Engine Journal, Nov, 2004
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